Luciano Burti: why Brazilian’s racing risks went unrewarded

Jun 25, 11:01 PM

Just 14 races into his debut Formula 1 season in 2001, Luciano Burti suffered a huge crash at the Belgian Grand Prix.

He walked away but it proved to be his last action as an F1 driver.

Speaking to Tom Clarkson in his home city of Sao Paolo, Burti reflects vividly on the crash; what he was thinking about as it was happening, the physical injuries he suffered, why he wasn’t able to return to racing, and how the accident led to improved safety in the sport.

The Brazilian also discusses why he changed teams just four races into that season, the reasons he was unable to showcase his full potential, what it was like being a Ferrari test driver during Michael Schumacher’s era of dominance, and much more.

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