James Allison: confident of a Mercedes comeback

Jun 18, 11:01 PM

From 2014 to 2021, Mercedes dominated Formula 1 with a record eight Constructor World Championships in a row.

Since 2022 though, they have struggled to fully grasp the current ground effect cars and, as a result, have dramatically fallen down the pecking order, behind their rivals Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.

Merc’s struggles continued at the start of 2024, but they have made progress in the last few races. George Russell’s P3 and Lewis Hamilton’s P4 in Canada secured the team’s best result of the season thus far.

So, where were they going wrong? What have they changed on the car? And are they going to be competitive for the rest of the year? Speaking to Tom Clarkson in Montreal, Mercedes Technical Director James Allison answers all those questions.

He also talks about the personal impact of the team’s struggles, why he thinks Russell is faster than Hamilton in qualifying this season, what he’ll miss about Lewis, whether 17-year-old Kimi Antonelli is ready for F1, and much more.

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