LEGENDS: Martin Brundle’s debut with Senna

May 14, 11:01 PM

In 1984, Martin Brundle and Ayrton Senna made their Formula 1 debuts.

They had just fought each other in an epic battle for the 1983 British Formula 3 title. But while there was little to separate the duo in junior racing, their F1 careers panned out very differently.

As Senna went on to achieve hero status as a triple World Champion, Brundle’s 12-year career was significantly shaped by very serious injuries he suffered in just his ninth Grand Prix.

Speaking to Tom Clarkson in the latest of F1 Beyond The Grid’s LEGENDS episodes, Martin describes in great detail the crash that caused his injuries, how close he came to losing his foot, and what impact that had on the rest of his time in F1.

Brundle also talks about why he and Tyrrell Racing were disqualified in his first season, what it was like being a rookie back then, how Schumacher was different to Senna, where he thinks Adrian Newey’s future might lie, his thoughts on F1’s global standing, and much more.

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