Zak Brown: McLaren’s winning mastermind

May 07, 11:01 PM

McLaren are back on top of the Formula 1 podium, but their mission is far from accomplished yet.

Since taking charge in 2018, CEO Zak Brown has overseen a huge transformation on and off the track and the team’s progress has accelerated astronomically over the last 12 months.

Lando Norris’s long-awaited maiden Grand Prix victory in Miami is the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work to turn their fortunes around, after an awful start last season left them right at the back of the grid.

So how do they take the next steps to become serial winners and World Championship contenders?

Speaking in Miami, Zak tells Tom Clarkson how he’s instilling a winning mentality at McLaren, what Norris’s victory means for his and the team’s future, why he thinks Oscar Piastri is a match for Lando, whether he’d like his close friend Adrian Newey to join the team, and much more.

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