Longest in the Game (ft Carrot Top)

Episode 329,   Feb 01, 01:00 AM

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We beam up Carrot Top: the legend of prop comedy. He shares how he has become bomb-proof over his years of standup, stories from the early days of his career and how his Vegas residency has changed over decades of performing.

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0:00 Welcome Carrot Top!
1:28 Intro
2:34 Chairman of the Bored
5:46 40 Years of Comedy
6:34 Carrot Top’s First Performance
8:56 Carlin’s Influence
10:49 Huggies Little Movers
11:44 CT’s Early Career
13:32 The NASA Connection
16:31 Building Career Momentum
19:03 Reading the Comments
24:41 Robinhood
25:44 Comedy Longevity
28:22 Vegas Residency
32:25 Touring vs Residency 
35:00 BetterHelp
36:11 Bus Driver Talents
37:20 Celebrity Encounters
41:52 Trump Impressions
43:26 Seeking a Road Show
47:41 DoorDash
49:16 Confronting the Hate
52:16 Norm Macdonald’s Dig
54:01 Comic Beef
1:00:49 tmgstudios.tv