Disney Swingers (ft Enya and Drew)

Episode 327,   Jan 18, 01:00 AM

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Emergency Intercom’s Enya and Drew stop by to overshare, reveal their daily screentime, start drama and weigh in on the Disney swingers. Plus, how outdoorsy Drew really is, his bungee jumping fiasco and the most controversial person Enya stans. 

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0:00 Welcome Enya and Drew!
2:14 Intro 
3:20 Rider Reveal
4:33 Bungee Jump Story
8:37 Secret Santa DJ
9:49 Bungee Jump Video
10:26 BetterHelp
11:45 Bungee Jump Video
15:01 Drew’s Glow Up
17:28 Drew’s Positive Affirmations
19:21 Outdoorsy Drama
23:06 Oversharing
24:17 Huggies Little Movers
25:10  DeeDee Megadodoo
27:37 How Old is Drew?
29:41 The Club Appearance
31:00 Disney Swingers
34:48 Seatgeek
36:59 Meet Up On Main
39:33 Chronic Bailing
40:24 We NEED Mr Beast 
41:56 Disney Swinging
44:46 The Language of Drew
48:45 Audible
51:03 Free Drew’s Nipple?
52:17 MJ Stans
54:26 Disney Bounding
56:42 Screentime Reveal
1:01:21 Gamer Evolution
1:04:00 Drew’s Daily Routine
1:06:08 Bonus Abuse