Lots of Feelings About "Casting Jonbenet" + A "Catfish" Update!

Episode 3,   May 23, 2017, 03:24 AM

A "Catfish" update! Hot nerds Nev, Ariele, and Henry are back! In the first part of episode 3, we take you through the 7-minutes "Catfish" follow up "Finding the Woman in the Pictures" in which the boys track down Aimee Gonzales, aka Megan Facio, who had NO idea about her stolen identity. Shenanigans ensue.   In the second part of the episode, Patrick and Gillian break down the...brilliant? horrifying? interesting-but-completely-creepy Netflix documentary "Casting Jonbenet" and, oh boy, do they have LOTS of feelings about it.  You can watch "Finding The Woman in the Pictures" here.